We install domestic garage doors to compliment and improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. The benefits include the convenience of pressing a button, especially on a dash to the garage on a rainy day, ease of operation and added security. Our services include garage alterations, and extensions. Should you need to increase your garage entrance width, height and length, we offer free consultation on solution options. All our electric garage doors have the UK CE mark, which means they need to adhere to various safety requirements to be considered fit for purpose.


The safety of your employees and customers is essential to your business. Commercial doors are an integral part of a building, from the internal layout, to emergency access and exit points. Industrial, retail outlets and warehouses, hospitality and recreational spaces all have to ensure the safe movement of people within their commercial spaces. Make us your first call for expert advice and fitting of quality automated commercial doors.


Secure locks for homes & businesses. Peace of mind & safety guaranteed. When it comes to garage door locks you want to make sure you’re being as secure as possible. Your garage is no exception when it comes to needing security. Simply having a good quality garage door is not enough to keep burglars out, it is so important to have a locking system in place against all kinds of attempted entry. We have the expertise to choose the right one for your type of garage door and the best operating mechanism that suits you.