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Welcome to Doortech Installation, Garage & Security Door fitting, servicing & repairs, and thank you for stopping to view my website.

Whether you're looking for a domestic garage door, commercial installation or, increased security, with our range of Roller, Sectional, and Up & over doors - Doortech, can "make the difference".  

A little about me, Jason.

I have been an industry specialist for over 20 years, establishing Doortech in December 2021. Key to this success is my experience in all aspects of most domestic, commercial, and industrial manual and electric doors. I pride myself on a strong work ethic, delivering customers high-quality doors from established and proven manufacturers, a high quality of workmanship, with friendly customer service and exceptional reliability.

My website will give you more of an insight on products available or, please contact me via contact page below.

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Doortech Installation


We install domestic garage doors to compliment and improve the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. The benefits include the convenience of pressing a button, especially on a dash to the garage on a rainy day, ease of operation and added security. Our services include garage alterations, and extensions. Should you need to increase your garage entrance width, height and length, we offer free consultation on solution options. All our electric garage doors have the UK CE mark, which means they need to adhere to various safety requirements to be considered fit for purpose.


The safety of your employees and customers is essential to your business. Commercial doors are an integral part of a building, from the internal layout, to emergency access and exit points. Industrial, retail outlets and warehouses, hospitality and recreational spaces all have to ensure the safe movement of people within their commercial spaces. Make us your first call for expert advice and fitting of quality automated commercial doors.


Secure locks for homes & businesses. Peace of mind & safety guaranteed. When it comes to garage door locks you want to make sure you’re being as secure as possible. Your garage is no exception when it comes to needing security. Simply having a good quality garage door is not enough to keep burglars out, it is so important to have a locking system in place against all kinds of attempted entry. We have the expertise to choose the right one for your type of garage door and the best operating mechanism that suits you.

The difference is in the detail!



UP AN OVER DOORS • A Canopy up and over garage door is the simplest style of garage entrance and are best when simplicity and cost are important. • Two tracks on either side of the door allow rolling wheels and a folding arm to pull the door smoothly upwards overhead. • A Retractable garage door opens along horizonal tracks inside the garage and travels back into the garage space when opened. SECTIONAL DOORS • Made up of separate sections, sectional doors rise vertically and fold up one by one into a rail on the ceiling. • The design of these doors makes them great for automation. • Sectional doors are a great choice if security and insulation are key concerns. • ROLLER SHUTTER DOORS • Roller shutter doors open vertically but curl up into a roll above the opening rather than retracting into ceiling space. • Roller doors are the best option when there is limited headroom in a garage/entrance.



Expert application on Domestic and commercial doors. COLOUR: you can choose from an extensive range of standard RAL colours enhancing the look of any premises. TEXTURE: A textured effect door definitely sets the look the part from others. Woodgrain, offers an effect to doors that is characterful at bringing your garage door design to life. FINISHES: POWDER COATING • Powder coating is a process of finishing that offers an attractive alternative to typical paints with added advantages such as greater resistance to harsh weather and outdoor exposure, quicker application, and variable texture finishes. It is kinder to the environment, while lasting longer than a regular coat of paint. PLASTISOL COATING • Plastisol is a liquid substance which can be converted into a solid plastic simply by heating, consisting of particles of synthetic resin. It has many appealing characteristics that make it a top choice for coatings! It can be matched to any colour and has a soft, impact-resistant surface, reducing metal-on-metal sounds. Excellent for use on various structures and other outdoor applications. LAMINATED • In addition to the visual advantages, laminated metal also has practical benefits such as durability, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, and easy processing when applied to outdoor applications.



SECURITY - security locks for homes & businesses. Peace of mind & safety guaranteed. Installing a heavy-duty garage door lock with bolts adds an extra layer of security that deters potential burglars. We ensure that the lock is the right one for your type of garage door. Some locks are designed specifically for up and over garage doors, others work with roll-up doors, and some are ideal for hinged garage doors. REPAIR - Whether your garage door is damaged, you’re looking for a new look for your home or business, it’s useful to know the cost, and we welcome your call for a non-obligation estimate on your requirements. EMERGENCY CALL OUT - We also understand that sometimes your repair just can’t wait. If your garage door has been damaged or your lock no longer works you’ll want to get this repaired as soon as possible to secure your property. We have you covered with emergency call-out service.

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